2022 Financial Recap & Financial Goals for 2023

I’m a notoriously inconsistent writer. After doing one such financial recap in 2020, I didn’t follow through for the last 2 years. I left this blog in shambles. My writer’s itch is back, so I guess might as well try to write something and update the blog. Good Things Bad Things Goals for 2023 I […]

StashAway Review

StashAway is arguably one of the most well-known robo-advisors out there currently available for Malaysian investors. In my StashAway review, I’ll talk briefly about my own experience with it over the past years since 2021. Who’s Behind StashAway? StashAway originates from Singapore and was launched in Malaysia back in 2018. According to their About page, […]

MYTHEO Review: Japanese Innovation for Malaysian Robo Investing

MYTHEO has been around for quite some time during the FinTech boom of early 2019. Interestingly, it is the 2nd robo advisory to be approved by SC. Yet, not many local investors have covered it. If you’re looking for a short and sweet MYTHEO review, you’ve come to the right place. Who’s Behind MYTHEO? MYTHEO […]

Raiz Review: Investing in Malaysia Made Easy

Raiz is a robo advisory available to Malaysians. Making its debut locally in 2020, Raiz promises to make investing easy by helping users to invest their spare change and inculcate investing habits. Is it worth the hype? Read this Raiz review to find out. Who’s Behind Raiz Malaysia? Raiz is originally form Australia. In Malaysia, […]

Akru Review: A Malaysian Homegrown Robo Advisor

Akru is a home-grown robo advisor, making it stand out from the other licensed robo advisors which have their home base outside of Malaysia. Started in 2017, Akru is one of my top picks when it comes to robo advisors. Here’s my Akru review for your reading pleasure. Who’s Behind Akru? Akru is cofounded and […]

I pitted 6 Malaysian robo advisors against each other for a year in 2021. Here’s what happened.

Almost a year ago in 2021, I had an idea to test the fledgling robo advisories in Malaysia against each other. As these FinTech companies seem to pop up like mushroom everywhere, it felt overwhelming. Which robo advisor is the best? The idea became reality as I put out the mental note into the world […]