2022 Financial Recap & Financial Goals for 2023

I’m a notoriously inconsistent writer.

After doing one such financial recap in 2020, I didn’t follow through for the last 2 years. I left this blog in shambles.

My writer’s itch is back, so I guess might as well try to write something and update the blog.

Good Things

  • I got offered a job in the private sector with an almost 60% jump in salary. After almost quitting a few times with no solid plans, God gave me a way out of the system. When the opportunity came, I grabbed it without second thoughts.

Bad Things

  • Somehow my personal unproductive debt (mostly credit cards) ballooned to RM43,000 from a low of RM10,000 in the beginning of 2021. That’s the beauty of keeping records – you get a feedback loop so you can whack yourself in the head
  • Sold off my apartment which I bought for investment at a capital loss
  • Lost almost all of my crypto portfolio, estimated in 5 figure range

Goals for 2023

  • Pare down my bad debts, mainly credit cards
  • Start saving RM25,000 to topup my EPF, which I withdrew during the last 2 years. Where that money went? I have no idea, probably lost them all in the crypto crash.
  • Gradually cut my credit cards and maintain only 1 main one to collect air miles

I hope that I can look back at this post at the end of this year and hopefully achieve what I set out to do. If you wanna see the progress I made, feel free to stick around and leave comments. It’s kinda lonely here.

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