About Me

Hey there! My name is Ian Bong.

I’m a medical doctor by training, but my passion lies in personal finance, crypto, investments, psychology, technology (green tech, sustainability etc) and even politics

The idea of financial independence is intriguing to me because I’m tired of the rat race.

I write (not only on this blog, on Twitter as well) to break free from society’s constraints of what a doctor can or cannot do. Writing is cathartic for me as I can express myself freely and share my learnings with the world. Combined with my passion for all things personal finance, I wanted to share with the world things I learned all these years.

I write mainly about:

  • Investments
  • Crypto
  • Insurance
  • Personal experience related to personal finance
  • Reviews

Plus, writing is a great way to create serendipity as my blog has enabled me to connect with people I otherwise wouldn’t have met – all by leveraging the power of the Internet. I have made many connections which wouldn’t have been possible without social media (especially Twitter).

Book Publication

My first book on crypto titled “CRYPTO INVESTING For Beginners: HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN CRYPTO” has been published by Ace Premier Sdn Bhd and is now available on all major bookstores as well as Shopee. Click here to buy online!

The book has consistently maintained its spot in the Top 10 Books in Business Category from MPH.