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Affiliate marketing Malaysia – what is it all about?

If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing, now you have.

Affiliate marketing is when you get commission by referring others to a merchant. If you’ve ever asked for recommendation or given one, you’ve already participated in a form of referral marketing. The only difference with affiliate marketing is that you get paid for it.

Here’s a very good blog post about what affiliate marketing is all about. Do read it if you like to get some idea about affiliate marketing Malaysia and the potential to make money online in Malaysia. It’s also a great way to make some passive income in Malaysia online.

Affiliate Program Malaysia

Start by getting to know affiliate program Malaysia which includes the well known few programs as below:

  • Shopee affiliate program Malaysia
  • Lazada affiliate program Malaysia
  • Involve Asia

There are a few affiliate program in Malaysia, but it’s pretty tedious and most of the time you’ll get rejected if you apply directly with the merchant. The best bet is to go with an affiliate network. There are a few in Malaysia, but the one I have good experience with is ACCESSTRADE.


ACCESSTRADE is an affiliate program or network whereby you apply once then gain access to all the famous merchant campaigns. Brands like Shopee, Lazada, RinggitPlus, Zalora etc are all included.

I managed to apply and get approved almost immediately with ACCESSTRADE. Most of the campaigns that you apply to inside ACCESSTRADE Malaysia would get approved almost immediately, so you can get the links or banner ads and start promoting and making money online.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable affiliate program Malaysia, give ACCESSTRADE Malaysia a try. Click the banner below to check it out!

How to Sign Up For ACCESSTRADE Malaysia?

As an affiliate, you gain access to promote well-loved local brands such as Lazada, Dahmakan, Traveloka, iHerb and more to your followers. Each time your follower makes a purchase through your link, you get commission paid via ACCESSTRADE. This is a great way to monetise your existing social media accounts.

Step-by-step on how to Sign Up For Affiliate Program Malaysia

To begin, just sign up using this link:

  1. Sign up as Individual
  2. For site URL, you can use your social media profile URL link or website link
  3. Fill out the rest of the form

After your account is approved and activated, you can then login to your dashboard which will look something like below:

Applying to Campaigns

You can then start to apply to available campaigns by clicking the menu on the left, under “Available Campaigns”. Feel free to use the search function to narrow down your preference.
After applying, your affiliated campaigns will appear under the link “Affiliated Campaigns”.

Promoting Your Affiliate Link

You can then start promoting by getting your unique referral link under the Affiliated Campaign section as shown below:

There are many ways to start promoting your links and get commissions depending on the campaign type (commission per sale, etc). Each type of campaign will pay differently, so please do take time to read beforehand.

You may drop your links via your social media account or website (if you have one). 
Successful affiliate marketers can earn a lucrative side income just by promoting what they use to their followers.

Involve Asia

Involve Asia is another affiliate network heavyweight and is suitable for publishers or affiliate marketers looking to earn some income promoting well-known brands in Malaysia and regionally. They’ve been around a bit longer than ACCESSTRADE.

Involve Asia’s dashboard is slightly more advanced compared to ACCESSTRADE’s. In terms of earning potential, I haven’t had any experience earning with this affiliate network compared to ACCESSTRADE. But I’m pretty sure they are a solid choice as well especially for publishers, content creators or influencers with more traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Malaysia: Potential As Lucrative Side Income

There’s a case study on a micro influencer with just 3000+ followers who managed to earn an extra RM500 monthly just by doing reviews on fashion and cosmetics. I’m sure with your reach, your potential earning could be significantly higher.

If you have many followers, why not get some side income by promoting products you tried and love to your followers? Not only you can share something useful, get paid for it every time your followers buy through your link!

I hope this short explanation is enough to get you started with affiliate marketing Malaysia, and should you have any questions, feel free to reply back or drop a comment below and I shall do my best to guide you through.

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