Best Cashback Credit Card Malaysia

I have a few cards in my credit card stack which I use in my daily transactions. Below are what I consider my list of must-have best cashback credit card Malaysia for the average Malaysian.

Best Cashback Credit Card Malaysia

best cashback credit card malaysia

Here’s my criteria for deciding the best cashback credit card Malaysia

  • No annual fee
  • Relatively low income requirement
  • High cashback percentage with no minimum spending

These are my top 3 cashback credit card Malaysia without annual fee that I think every average Malaysian should have.

Maybank 2 Cards Amex

Maybank 2 Cards Visa & American Express is one of the best cashback credit card in Malaysia. Well the Visa is pretty useless, but do apply for the Amex one.

I consider the Maybank 2 Cards Amex to be a must-have for every Malaysian because of the following benefits:

  • 5x Treatspoints for every RM1 spent on weekdays
  • 5% cashback for spending on weekends on ALL purchases (capped at RM50 monthly)
  • Free for life (no annual fees)

I like Maybank 2 Card Amex for its high cashback rate and the fact that it’s free for life. It also doesn’t have any restrictions on the category of spending so most likely you can get cashback, except for certain things like government bodies and utilities. It remains my number 1 card and I’ll always do a mental check (by asking myself: is it weekend?) before swiping to collect the cashback.

The only downside is that merchants accepting Amex is pretty limited. Some notable and regular places I can use my Maybank 2 Amex for include: Aeon, Parkson and Shell. Also, you’ll need to alter your spending behaviour i.e. to use Amex during weekends at participating merchants.

Forget about the Visa card though, it’s pretty much useless.

Find out more about Maybank 2 Cards

Public Bank Quantum Visa & Mastercard

Next in my credit card stack is Public Bank Quantum Visa and Mastercard. These come together in a single application.

Public Bank Quantum Visa

  • 5% cashback for contactless Visa Paywave transactions (min RM30 per transaction) – capped at RM30 monthly

Public Bank Quantum Mastercard

  • 5% cashback on online transactions, capped at RM30 monthly

Both these cards are free for life as well. You can get maximum RM60 monthly depending on your usage category. For all online transactions, use the Quantum Mastercard. Then, for retail spending during weekdays, use the Quantum Visa and always choose to pay using contactless Visa Paywave (otherwise it doesn’t count).

How to get maximum cashback from you credit cards

Now that you know the best cashback credit card Malaysia, find out how to maximise your cashback. Just use these following rules whenever paying for something.

  • Use Amex for weekend spending
  • Use Quantum Mastercard whenever spending online
  • Use Quantum Visa contactless Paywave for weekday spending

With this combo, if you’re spending RM2200 monthly, you can get up to RM110 cashback! Just be prudent and be careful to use the correct card depending on the situation and day of the week, so some changes in your spending pattern and habits might be needed.

For e.g. if you’re spending online for online shopping, always use the Public Bank Quantum Mastercard. Stack it with cashback sites (read my cashback Malaysia post) to get even more free money!

Apply Credit Card Online

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What do you think? Any cards you feel should be added to the list? Feel free to comment below!

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