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Dr Victor Gan – Property Investor 1st Exclusive Interview

I had the honour of being probably the first to interview up and coming Malaysian property expert – our very own Dr Victor Gan. For those of you who are still in the dark, Dr Victor Gan is an active property investor who shares nuggets of property investing wisdom at his FB page and has gained quite a following. His down-to-earth, practical […]

How to register a business in Sarawak: A step-by-step guide

After running around trying to register my own enterprise, I finally understand why there are not that many new businesses springing up here compared to West Malaysia. It’s because it’s so darn hard to get a business up and running and most people wouldn’t know how to do it. Before this I’ve been trying so […]

Best Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

Affiliate marketing Malaysia – what is it all about? If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing, now you have. Affiliate marketing is when you get commission by referring others to a merchant. If you’ve ever asked for recommendation or given one, you’ve already participated in a form of referral marketing. The only difference with affiliate […]

I Put RM50,000 into a Startup – and Failed a Year Later

2019 had been a real roller coaster for me. It marked the year when I seriously dabbled in entrepreneurship and dove head on into the world of startups. I went through the whole dizzying experience of applying for a spot in an accelerator program, creating my pitch deck, practising my pitches to investors, getting funding, […]