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I pitted 6 Malaysian robo advisors against each other for a year in 2021. Here’s what happened.

Almost a year ago in 2021, I had an idea to test the fledgling robo advisories in Malaysia against each other. As these FinTech companies seem to pop up like mushroom everywhere, it felt overwhelming. Which robo advisor is the best? The idea became reality as I put out the mental note into the world […]

Perpetual Income Machine

Building a Perpetual Income Machine is central to the Fiholic Financial Independence Manifesto as I strive towards a future when I can lead a comfortable life and rely on a truly passive income without worrying too much. What is the Perpetual Income Machine? The Perpetual Income Machine is basically an investment portfolio consisting of primarily […]

How to Start Investing in Malaysia – Quick and Easy Guide for 1st Timers

Congratulations on finding this page, and welcome to Fiholic. You probably found this article on Google when searching for “how to start investing in Malaysia” and there are plenty of burning questions you want answered, right now, for example: “I want to invest but what to invest in leh?” If you are looking for “how […]

Tiger Brokers vs Saxo

Which broker is better for me? Tiger Brokers vs Saxo? If you found yourself wondering this, congratulations for stumbling upon this article. Tiger Brokers is a relatively new fintech bringing convenient and low-cost stock trading as well as access to multiple markets within reach of normal retail traders and investors. Saxo Markets, on the other […]