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2022 Financial Recap & Financial Goals for 2023

I’m a notoriously inconsistent writer. After doing one such financial recap in 2020, I didn’t follow through for the last 2 years. I left this blog in shambles. My writer’s itch is back, so I guess might as well try to write something and update the blog. Good Things Bad Things Goals for 2023 I […]

How to Transfer Money From Malaysia to Overseas

Are you looking for ways on how to send money from Malaysia to overseas? I’m gonna share with you the top 3 methods for Malaysians to transfer money quickly, at cheaper rates than the banks and which are all conveniently available online. TransferWise TransferWise is a solid choice to send money from Malaysia to overseas. […]

My 2020 Financial Recap & Goals for 2021

2020 has been quite a lousy year, what with Covid-19 and all. We’ve all trudged through it and somehow survived. With news of vaccine rollout, I have a bit of optimism going into 2021. After reading FigureRinggitOut’s post, I decided to do a reflection on my own personal finance journey. Good Things Managed to slowly […]

No, financial literacy is not the problem.

This is sort of an open letter to the author who penned this article that appeared in Malay Mail about financial literacy. In it, she lambasted personal finance bloggers and the likes, saying “There are a lot of terrible things on Twitter, myself included, but one particularly irksome thing is personal finance Twitter.” “It’s obvious […]

Financial Tips for Young Malaysian Doctors

If you’ve just started housemanship, congratulations, welcome to the real world. The feeling of having money rolling into your bank account every month must be something new for many of you, especially if being a houseman is your first real job. However, your hard-earned money can be easily wasted if you’re not careful enough. I […]

Chinese Wedding Cost in Malaysia – Full Breakdown

I have been through ups and downs in my love life but finally found the one for me. We got married in 2019 but the entire journey has not been easy, especially the financial aspect. Organising a Chinese wedding in Malaysia can be a really costly affair. I’d like to share my personal experience so […]