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Malaysia Forex Signal: No.1 Best Forex Signal

Looking for Malaysia Forex Signal? I’ve found what I consider the best Malaysia forex signal so far. This forex signal has given me 30% ROI within 2 months back in 2019 – early 2020, before I stopped to withdraw due to personal reasons. However, I have recently started trading again using the signals in October […]

Sharesight Review: Track Your Investments Automatically in 2021

Disclaimer: I have full access to the Expert Plan sponsored by Sharesight. When I first started investing, tracking my portfolio was quite a hassle. I used free tools like i3investor as well as Google spreadsheet. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I’m a fan of dividend investing. Nothing beats seeing income rolling in, quarter […]

Undervalued Stocks in Malaysia 2021: Inspiring Top Picks

Disclaimer: This article is not meant as an advisory or call to buy. Readers should analyse and make decision on your own. Methodology Market Capitalization: RM100 million and above5-year Return on Equity ratio: More than 13%5-year Return on Invested Capital ratio: More than 10%Debt to Equity ratio: Equal or less than 0.5 or 50% Undervalued […]

My 2020 Financial Recap & Goals for 2021

2020 has been quite a lousy year, what with Covid-19 and all. We’ve all trudged through it and somehow survived. With news of vaccine rollout, I have a bit of optimism going into 2021. After reading FigureRinggitOut’s post, I decided to do a reflection on my own personal finance journey. Good Things Managed to slowly […]

How to Start Investing in Malaysia – Quick and Easy Guide for 1st Timers

Congratulations on finding this page, and welcome to Fiholic. You probably found this article on Google when searching for “how to start investing in Malaysia” and there are plenty of burning questions you want answered, right now, for example: “I want to invest but what to invest in leh?” If you are looking for “how […]

Fundaztic vs Funding Societies: A Side-by-Side Comparison

P2P lending or equity crowdfunding is a relatively new field in Malaysia and I would say that 2017 has seen positive developments in this area with the launch of multiple new players in the country. I have covered two of the more well-known ones in previous posts i.e. Funding Societies and Fundaztic and given some […]

P2P Lending Malaysia: Complete Guide for Beginners in 2020

P2P Lending Malaysia What is P2P lending Malaysia? Peer-to-peer lending, otherwise known as P2P lending or financing is a relatively new concept in Malaysia and the government has taken progressive steps to regulate the industry with the Securities Commission announcing the regulatory framework for P2P financing back in 2016 and the official approval of P2P […]