Passive Income in Malaysia: The 2020 Definitive Guide

Everybody wants passive income in Malaysia. Who wouldn’t? The idea of having residual income trickling into your bank account without fail every month is simply alluring. What many fail to realise is that, however, passive income doesn’t magically appear overnight. Oftentimes there is a some amount of hard work in the beginning that is required. […]

StashAway Review: My 1st Experience Using Seriously Simple & Smart Robo-Advisory

StashAway is one of the latest roboadvisors to hit Malaysian shores and it’s been getting really popular especially among young and savvy millenials in Malaysia. I recently jumped on the bandwagon myself. Read on below for my StashAway review. StashAway Review: What is It Actually? StashAway is a robo-advisory investment platform that gathers your preferences […]

Undervalued Stocks in Malaysia 2020: Inspiring Top Picks

Disclaimer: This article is not meant as an advisory or call to buy. Readers should analyse and make decision on your own. Since the start of the year, Covid-19 has ravaged economy. What this means though, is that there should be plenty of opportunities to find undervalued stocks in the market. The following stocks are […]

Cashback Malaysia – Earn Money While You Shop in 2020

Cashback Malaysia – ah, perfect for those obsessed with finding ways to get back your money from spending. Earning cashback while you shop online is one the easiest way to earn money online in Malaysia. With the advent of internet shopping, you can buy anything (almost) nowadays. What easier way than to get paid while […]

Basics of Forex Trading – Technical Analysis

Understanding Technical Analysis Technical analysis is one of the popular approaches to forex trading today. The analysis helps you to predict the market, making it possible to draw the right decisions and trade profitably. But for novice traders, understanding the technical analysis can be really challenging. In this post, we take a closer look at […]

I Put RM50,000 into a Startup – and Failed a Year Later

2019 had been a real roller coaster for me. It marked the year when I seriously dabbled in entrepreneurship and dove head on into the world of startups. I went through the whole dizzying experience of applying for a spot in an accelerator program, creating my pitch deck, practising my pitches to investors, getting funding, […]