Pay Maxis bill with GrabPay

GrabPay is undeniably my favourite e-wallet as I use it to pay for food and at any participating merchants. By using GrabPay extensively, it’s easy to reach Platinum status. My favourite part is paying essential and necessary spending with GrabPay to squeeze out some more extra points. I pay Maxis bill with Grab too.

Sadly, E-pay has discontinued their online web application so users can no longer pay Maxis postpaid bill using their web portal. I was kinda upset because I have a lot of postpaid phone lines with Maxis, and I spend about RM400 monthly with them. But surprise, surprise! I found out you can actually pay your Maxis postpaid bill via the Maxis app directly with GrabPay and still get points! Here’s how:

How to use GrabPay to pay Maxis bill

Total Time: 5 minutes

Install the official Maxis app

Download the app from Google Playstore or Apple Store and login using your account ID

Go to “Bills” Tab

pay maxis bill with grab

Tap on the “Pay Now” option on the bill you want to pay

Select “eWallet” option

pay maxis bill with grab

You should be able to see Grab option at the bottom.

Pay with GrabPay

pay maxis bill with grab

Complete the transaction using GrabPay. You’ll need to enter the TAC and your PIN as usual. Once completed, check your GrabPay transaction to confirm that you got the points


  • None


  • Maxis app

If you’re a Grab Platinum user, paying Maxis bills using GrabPay is definitely worth it as you get 3x multiplier. If you have the Maybank Grab Mastercard, you get another 5x so that’s 8x points total. Not a bad reward for paying your phone bills!

Have you tried this method? Does it work? Let me know in the comments below!

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