StashAway vs Wahed Invest: Result After 5 months in 2020

I started automating some parts of my personal finance by dabbling into robo-advisors since May 2020. There were already a few robo-advisors in the market and consumers are spoilt for chocie.

At the time, I had no idea which to choose, either Stashaway vs Wahed Invest – thus I invested into both just to test out.

I allocated RM100 monthly into each, here’s how they performed over the period of May until October 2020. Before that, here’s my StashAway review if you’d like to know what’s it all about.

StashAway performance

My StashAway returned an estimated 8% which achieves my expectations. This was achieved using a 22% Risk Index, which I have since switched to an aggressive 36%.

My funds are invested primarily in US and international equities as well as commodities. The diversification is there, so that’s a plus point.

I will probably continue investing long-term into Stashaway for the international equities exposure.

Wahed Invest performance

Frankly speaking, Wahed has been disappointing. I started the DCA at the same time as Stashaway, and the result has been subpar at only 3% which is only slightly higher than FD. This was achieved using the moderate portfolio. I have since also switched to aggressive portfolio.

Funds were invested in sukuk and international equities. What I didn’t like was the exposure to Malaysian equities, because I already hold local shares so the risk exposure might be out of whack.

Stashaway vs Wahed Invest: Verdict

Though it has only been 5 months, the difference in performance has been quite substantial. I’m still going to give Wahed a bit more time and let it sit for a year before deciding if I should shift all my funds to Stashaway.

Stay tuned as I shall update the post after 1 year to give both portfolios a little bit of time to mature.

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